Old versions of Cloudy

This contains all versions of the code that have ever been the gold or stable version. Only stable versions of the code should be used in publications since this web site will always have it - if future questions arise about how some result was obtained the original source can always be retrieved and the result obtained again.

The history of the code is discussed on this page.

Old versions are stored in directories beneath this site. The following versions are present:

Version Date
33 1983
67 1987-1988
72 1988-1989
74 1989-1991
80 1991-1993
84 1993-1996
90 1996-1999
94 2000-2004
96 2004 Oct 16 to 2005 July 08
C05.07 2005 Jul to 2006 Jan
C06.01 -
C06.02 2006 Feb to 2007 Feb
C07.02 2007 Feb to 2008 Aug
stars stellar data files

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