Compiling Cloudy on Windows 10

How to get Build Tools

  1. Enable Developer Mode
    1. Go to Start -> Settings -> Update & Security -> For Developers
    2. Under "Use Developer features" enable "Developer mode"
    3. After installation you will need to restart your computer.
  1. Install the Windows Subsystem For Linux (a.k.a. WSL)
    1. Open the Control Panel
    2. Select Programs (may appear as Programs and Features)
    3. On the left side select Turn Windows Features on or off
    4. Scroll to the bottom and select Windows Subsystem for Linux (beta)
    5. .... yes, reboot. Last time, I promise.
  1. Trigger the Installation Of Ubuntu
    1. Open PowerShell? or the Windows Command Prompt (CMD)
    2. Execute the command "bash"
      1. This will trigger Windows to install the Ubuntu user space and a start menu item for Bash
    3. Follow the on screen prompts to install Bash and Ubuntu
      1. Say "yes"
      2. Specify an Ubuntu user name and password
      3. Close that existing Window.

We should pause here. You just installed Ubuntu, except instead of running on the Linux kernel it's running on the Windows kernel with help from the WSL. Everything from here out is as it would be on a classic 'Linux Installation'

  1. Install Build Tools In Ubuntu
    1. Start a Bash command prompt
    2. Install the build essential tools using apt-get. This will provide GCC, Make,VIM, etc.
      1. sudo apt-get install build-essential
      2. sudo apt-get install wget curl svn git emacs
        1. Install what you need to download/sync/pull Cloudy

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Windows 10 64-bit running the Anniversary Update (Aug '16) or later

Admin access to enable Developer Tools and WLS

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