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curl download option

Links to download Cloudy

The release version, C08.01, is available for download as a tarball here. The doxygen source code documentation is available here.

The following uses subversion directly. You can obtain this version of Cloudy from a command line, if you have subversion installed on your machine, by typing

svn export

Our server does not support anonymous ftp but you can obtain the tarball using curl by

curl -O

The release candidate of the next release, C10.00 RC2, is available for download as a tarball here. This version is intended for testing only and should not be used for publications.

Alternatively, you can obtain this version via subversion by typing

svn export

or you can obtain the tarball with curl by

curl -O

This directory contains all downloadable files, including output from the test suite on several platforms and older versions of the code.

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