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Links to download Cloudy

This directory contains all downloadable files, including current and older versions of the code. It is a browsable directory structure that includes all versions.

C17.00, the current version of Cloudy

This paper discusses what is new. Please cite this paper when acknowledging use of Cloudy. The NewC17 page gives the improvements and changes in C17. The doxygen source code documentation is available here. Please provide any feedback on our discussion board

C17.00 is available for download as a tarball here. (123 MB download) Or you can browse this directory. Output from several different compilers are also saved below this directory.

Our server does not support anonymous ftp but you can obtain the tarball using curl by

curl -O

or with wget


You can install the tarball by changing directory to where you want Cloudy installed and then typing

tar xvfz /path/to/download-location/c17.00.tar.gz

Do not use 7-zip as this handles the symbolic links in the tarball incorrectly, resulting in a broken installation.

The code can also be downloaded with svn using

svn export svn://

This gives you a directory structure that is already unpacked, so no further action is required.

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