Hot fixes to Cloudy

Hot fixes are small changes that will be incorporated in the next service release of the code. This page has links to hot fixes for various versions of the code. Each page lists corrections that should be made to the source.

These corrections were not present when the output from the downloaded test suite was created. Some hot fixes may change the test suite answers, which would cause the test suite to appear to fail. The test suite should be run before these are applied.

The KnownProblems page list problems which we known about but which cannot be fixed with small changes to the code. Many of the known problems will be fixed in the next service release.

Some hot fixes are distributed as patch files. The PatchFiles page describes what to do with these.

HotFixes_17 are corrections to version 17

HotFixes_13 are corrections to version 13

HotFixes_10 are corrections to version 10

HotFixes_08 are corrections to version 08

HotFixes_07_02 are corrections to version 07.02

HotFixes_06_02 are corrections to version 06.02

HotFixes_05_07 are corrections to version 05.07

All KnownProblems with this version.

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