Postdoc in physical processes in the intragalactic medium

Applications are invited for a postdoctoral research position focusing on physical processes in the intragalactic medium in cool-core clusters of galaxies. We seek to understand the nature of the filaments that are a hallmark of cool-core clusters of galaxies. Central questions include the nature of their energy source, their role in the feed-back processes which sustain the thermal state of the hot gas, and transport phenomena which seem to establish the geometry.

The project centers on implementing particle transport modeling in the astrophysical radiation code Cloudy. This is a broad interdisciplinary program being led by G.J. Ferland (U Kentucky, USA), A.C. Fabian (IoA Cambridge), and R.J.R. Williams (AWE, UK). Examples of the application of Cloudy to non-equilibrium environments include Henney et al. (2005, ApJ, 621, 328; 2007; ApJL, 671, 137). Ferland et al. (2009, MNRAS, 392, 1475) and Fabian et al (2011, 2011arXiv1105.1735F) discuss the cluster environment. While the main emphasis will be on particle transport and the coupling between the cold molecular and very hot ionized gas, aspects of atomic physics and X-ray through radio observations will come into play.

This position is made possible through a grant to the University of Kentucky. The post will be based in Lexington, with the expectation of extended visits to Cambridge UK to work with British collaborators. Successful candidates should have a PhD or equivalent. The appointment is initially for one year but may be renewed up to three years, depending on progress and availability of funding.

Applications should include a CV, publications list, a brief research statement, and three reference letters, and should be sent in pdf format to gary.j.ferland@… by January 15, 2012.

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