Known problems with Cloudy

This page lists problems that we know about. The nature of the problem and its status are given. Some may be fixed in the next service release, others in the next major release, and a few may take some time to correct. These known problems pages do not list corrections to the code. If a problem can be repaired by a small change to the code then the problem and its fix are listed on the HotFixes page.

These links give the known problems with various versions of the code.

KnownProblems_17 lists problems with C17

KnownProblems_13 lists problems with C13

KnownProblems_10 lists problems with C10

KnownProblems_08 lists problems with sub-versions of C08

KnownProblems_07_02 lists problems with sub-versions of C07.02

KnownProblems_06_02 lists problems (fixed in C07.02) with sub-versions of C06.02

KnownProblems_05_07 lists problems (fixed in C06.02) with sub-versions of C05.02

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