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Welcome to the Cloudy Trac site

Cloudy is a spectral synthesis code designed to simulate conditions in interstellar matter. The project is described further in where links to papers and other documentation are given.

If you have questions or problems please post queries on the Cloudy discussion board. Updates to Cloudy will be announced on this board.

Installing Cloudy

StepByStep instructions for installing the current stable version.

StellarAtmospheres in Cloudy are now very flexible. They are described on this web site rather than in Hazy.

KnownProblems are described on this page.

HotFixes are on this page.

RevisionHistory gives a list of changes to the code

Other pages

Acknowledgments for help with Cloudy are on the AcknowledgmentsPage.

Frequently asked questions are on the FaqPage

Old versions of Cloudy are on the CloudyOld page.


Meta wiki

Discussion about the wiki, trac, etc is at MetaWiki

For a complete list of local wiki pages, see TitleIndex.

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