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Welcome to the Cloudy home page!

Cloudy is a spectral synthesis code designed to simulate conditions in interstellar matter under a broad range of conditions.

Please post question or problems on the Cloudy discussion board. Updates to Cloudy will be announced on that board.

Getting started with Cloudy

StepByStep instructions for downloading and installing the release version.

StellarAtmospheres in Cloudy are now very flexible. They are described on this web site rather than in Hazy.

KnownProblems are described on this page.

HotFixes are small corrections to the source that fix problems discovered after the current stable version was released.

Frequently asked questions are on the FaqPage

More information about Cloudy

The RevisionHistory pages list changes and new features in past, current and the next versions.

Old versions of Cloudy are on the CloudyOld page

The DownloadLinks page gives links to download the code

The RoadMap page outlines planned future development

Acknowledgments for help with Cloudy are on the AcknowledgmentsPage

Outside pages related to Cloudy or related physics

A list of typos in AGN3 is posted here. (updated 2007 July 19)

Morisset and Stasinska have created Cloudy 3D. This uses IDL scripts to drive Cloudy as a subprogram and create simulations of complex geometries.

Nick Abel has created a pair of animated gifs showing the time evolution of an H+ region with PDR after its ionizing star is turned off and then turned back on. The first animation shows the cloud recombining and becoming molecular and the second shows the hydrogen ionization front moving across the cloud.

ContributedMaterial - codes and spectra contributed by others.


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